Wheelchair Ramps


The Armada is a residential modular ramp system made of Anodized Aluminum.  It carries the ability to be easily adjusted or completely moved.  Fully meets ANSI and ADA Guidelines.

Armada Modular Ramp System at EJ Medical Supply






*10 Year Warrenty

* Made from 100%  anodized aluminum and stainless steel fasteners (NO RUSTING!!!!)

*Heavy Duty welded aluminum construction

* Permanent non skid surface

*Adjustable height and slope

Ready Ramp

The Ready Ramp offers excellent portability and compactness where longer lengths are required. This model unfolds to its full size in 3 easy steps and has recessed hinges so the ramp surface is free of obstructions. Construction is welded aluminum with an applied black non-skid surface.

Ready Ramps at EJ Medical SupplyFoldable Ready Ramps






*Portable  (Fixed Handle Included)

*Folds up for easy storage

*Non Skid Surface


The Rubber Threshold Ramp is made of recycled rubber and can be used for thresholds up to 2-3/16″. This design is especially useful for sliding doors or doors that fit tightly in their frame as it does not cross the threshold. All sizes come with tapered edges and a molded slip resistant surface. Adhesive is available and the ramps can be easily cut to custom widths.


Slip Resistant Rubber Threshold Ramp

*Light Weight

*Can be custom fit within door threshold

*Can be moved for when not in use



Our Telescopic Channel Ramps feature the most compact design available for easy portability. Each lightweight channel extends to nearly double its length for fast and easy accessibility. The channels are anodized so they slide together smoothly and have a black non-skid ramp surface. Each ramp includes two channels.


Extendable Telescopic Channel Ramps Telescopic Channel Ramps at EJ Medical Supply



The low profile aluminum Threshold Ramp is ideal for use at doorways and thresholds from 1/2″ to 6″ in height. The 2″ top lip seamlessly covers the existing threshold for a smooth transition. The welded construction and permanent skid resistant surface allow these ramps to be used inside or outside.



Threshold Ramps at EJ Medical Supply Aluminum Threshold Ramp for Outdoor Use


A*Com System

The A*Com System offers a full line of ramps, steps, and platforms that have been developed to meet the more stringent demands of BOCA and other building codes. This system is fully customizable and can be configured to meet other specialized building codes as required. The simple, modular design ensures easy setup with very little training and the ability to easily reconfigure and/or relocate the system. The prefabricated nature of the system allows us to have all standard components in stock and available for quick delivery. AlumiRamp specializes in all type of code issues from ADA to BOCA and CABO.


Ramps by A*com SystemA*com System Platforms at EJ Medical Supply


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