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Porch Lift and Wheelchair Lift Supply and Installation in Philadelphia and South Jersey

Residential Vertical Platform Lifts in Philadelphia, South Jersey, and Delaware

EJ Medical Supply is Philadelphia, South Jersey, and Delaware’s trusted destination for residential vertical platform lifts. With an emphasis on safety and accessibility, we provide industry-leading vertical porch lifts that seamlessly facilitate mobility obstacles. Discover enhanced independence and security with meticulously crafted wheelchairs and vertical porch lifts.


Redefine Mobility with EJ Medical Supply

We take pride in offering an expansive selection of porch and wheelchair lifts by Bruno. Bruno sets the standard for mobility-based medical supplies, redefining mobility challenges with safe and reliable fixtures that integrate with your home. Our trusted team also provides full-stack installation services to ensure optimal performance and safety for your new addition.


Understanding Wheelchair Lifts

Wheelchair lifts also referred to as platform lifts, dismantle barriers for those with additional mobility needs. These accessibility features are installed to accommodate the size of your entryway to allow for safe access for those using power chairs or wheelchairs. With our advanced Bruno vertical porch lifts, you can expect silent, powerful, and reliable performance.

Safe Access with Porch Lifts

Vertical porch lifts allow easy access to your home’s deck, porch, or door. Our American-made Bruno porch lifts can be installed inside or outside homes up to 14 feet high. For those with mobility assistance devices—including walkers, scooters, or wheelchairs—a porch lift offers smooth, quiet, and safe access between various levels of the home.

Bruno Porch Lift Features

Caregivers and individuals can experience total reliability and control with Bruno porch lifts. Some of the leading features of Bruno porch lifts include:

  • Simple to navigate pressure controls and emergency stop switch
  • Enhanced weather protection
  • Power-coated finish
  • Bottom platform and upper final limit safety switches
  • Non-skid platform
  • Top and bottom limit switches
  • Solid side platform walls

Discover Enhanced Accessibility

Residential vertical platform lifts are the key to enhanced accessibility. Meticulously installed to accommodate the unique structure and sizing requirements of your home, these features eliminate strenuous transfers or the dangers of navigating stairs. As such, they provide those with mobility limitations the opportunity to reclaim their independence and freedom to navigate without risk of injury.

Secure and Stable Design

As vertical porch lifts are manufactured for those with mobility challenges, they are designed with the utmost durability in mind. Porch lifts are engineered to be secure and stable, with resilient materials that remain intact no matter the weather or weight load, making them safe for year-round use. Furthermore, they come with safety gates to prevent accidents.

Customizable and Versatile Vertical Porch Lifts

Each individual and home is different. As such, vertical porch lifts by Bruno are versatile with plenty of customization options to accommodate varying needs. You have the freedom to customize the platform size and aesthetic finishes to secure a vertical porch lift that complements the look and feel of your home.

Choose EJ Medical Supply

EJ Medical Supply is here to help you discover the most seamless mobility solution for your home. We take pride in offering premium products, with an inventory carefully selected to achieve the highest standards of performance and quality. With unrivaled local expertise, we’re the leading choice for exceptional products and safe and reliable installation.

What You Can Expect

As leaders in mobility assistance devices, EJ Medical Supply sets the standard for quality products and installation. With our team, you can expect the following benefits:

Premium products from renowned manufacturers, including Bruno

Full-stack installation with careful attention to safety and performance

Responsive maintenance and service

Unrivaled warranties

Contact Your Partner in Vertical Porch Lifts Today

EJ Medical Supply is Philadelphia, South Jersey, and Delaware’s trusted partner in cutting-edge mobility assistance technology. From vertical porch lifts to ramps, stairlifts, and beyond, we’re your go-to destination for enhanced home safety equipment. Contact us today to discuss your residential vertical porch lift.

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