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Stairlift Troubleshooting Philadelphia, Delaware, South Jersey

Stairlift Troubleshooting and Repair Guide

E J Stairlifts & Medical Supply provides trusted stairlift repair services. However, a stairlift malfunction can often be easily remedied without professional intervention. That’s why our professionals have compiled the ultimate guide to stairlift troubleshooting, and stairlift error codes to guide you as you try to restore the function of your home’s stairlift in Philadelphia, Delaware, and South Jersey.

Stairlift Troubleshooting Guide in Philadelphia, Delaware, NJCheck the Key Switch

If your stairlift fails to move, check the key switch. The key switch is either on the top landing chassis side or the front lower cover of the armrest. To verify the operation of the key switch, perform the following:

  • Move the controls to the right position
  • Verify if the red on light is illuminated
  • Remove and reinsert the key

Swivel Seat Adjustment

Stairlifts have a standard swivel position chair, and when the seat is positioned towards the landing, the stairlift will not start and will continuously alert you that there is an error. To fix this issue, move the chair swivel to the riding position following each use to allow the mechanism to lock back in the proper position.

Lower the Armrests

Most stairlift models have armrests on the seat for enhanced comfort and safety. The armrests must be in a downward position for the stairlift to operate without error. If the armrests are positioned upward, a safety switch will be triggered to disable the stairlift use.

Identify Obstructions Along the Stairs

If items are left in the path of the stairlift, one of the sensors may detect an obstruction and halt the operation of the stairlift. If it’s safe to remove the object without posing a risk to your safety, you may move the chair in the opposing direction to do so.

Verify You Have Power

If the stairlift is not receiving power, you may perform the following:

  • Verify that the power supply is plugged into a functioning outlet
  • Ensure the outlet switch is on
  • Verify if the GFCI needs to be reset
  • Check if a circuit breaker was tripped
  • Identify whether it’s an outlet or the stairlift malfunction by plugging another device

Verify the Battery Disconnect Switch

Depending on the stairlift model, the battery disconnect switch is in varying places. However, this switch is responsible for the main shutoff functions of the stairlift. If your stairlift doesn’t start, ensure this switch is not accidentally shut off.

Detect Obstructions on the Track

 Obstructions on the track are another issue that may offset the function of your stairlift, such as new carpeting, small items, or wires. To prevent these obstructions, check the tracks regularly and lubricate the length of the track every couple of months to promote the smooth function of your stairlift.

Malfunctioning Remote Control

If your handheld remote that enables independent use of your stairlift is not working, it may be due to dead batteries. Try changing the batteries; if that does not work, it may mean the batteries have been placed incorrectly. In that case, adjust the batteries. If it still fails to work, the remote may be defective.

Unusual Sounds or Beeping

Stairlifts may begin making sounds, such as beeping, when parts are not functioning as they should. The beeping may indicate that a safety device is triggered or there’s a drop in the stairlift’s power, among other abnormalities. Take note of the beeps, turn off the stairlift, and contact your stairlift technician to discuss the problem.

Stairlift Error Codes

Many models of stairlifts will display stairlift error codes on the device. The meaning of the codes will be outlined in the owner’s manual, which will help you understand what each code means. This will facilitate diagnosing common stairlift malfunctions on your own.

Read the Manual

It’s important to thoroughly read through your stairlift manual before using it to deter problems and understand the function and maintenance of your device. Furthermore, it can help you detect issues and troubleshoot them without professional intervention safely and effectively.

Rely on the Stairlift Professionals

Suppose you’ve tried these stairlift troubleshooting efforts to no avail. In that case, E J Stairlifts & Medical Supply is here to aid and relief from your stairlift error codes with our trusted stairlift repair services. Contact our friendly team today to discuss your stairlift needs.

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