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Modular Wheelchair Ramps in Philadelphia, PA

Make Your Home Accessible with a Modular Wheelchair Ramp

If you or a loved one is searching for reliable accessibility equipment, EJ Medical Supply offers an array of industry-leading, ADA-compliant, modular wheelchair ramps in Philadelphia, PA made with durable aluminum to provide customers with a safe and convenient mobility solution for their homes.

Compliant Modular Wheelchair Ramps in Philadelphia, PA

Modular Wheelchair Ramps for Homes

At EJ Medical Supply, we offer the most advanced and reliable accessibility and mobility equipment available. Working with the top brands in the industry, our professionals work alongside our customers to identify their unique needs to provide them with the most suitable wheelchair ramp for their homes.

Indoor and Outdoor Use of Modular Wheelchair Ramps

Modular wheelchair ramps are designed to facilitate access both indoors and outdoors. With enhanced versatility, modular wheelchair ramps can be seamlessly integrated to fit over the top of outdoor stairs, curbs, or other uneven surfaces or fixtures. They can also be used indoors to promote safe access through various levels of the home.

Exceptional Configuration of Modular Wheelchair Ramps

Our aluminum wheelchair ramps allow for a wealth of exceptional modular ramp configurations to ensure safe and suitable access for any entryway you may be navigating. As the components are pre-fabricated and assembled on-site, these wheelchair ramps do not call for any modifications to your property, eliminating the need for construction or disturbances.

Enhanced Durability for Our Modular Wheelchair Ramps

Our aluminum wheelchair ramps are constructed using industrial-grade materials resistant to harsh outdoor weather conditions, combating rust, warping, and rot. Inspecting and keeping your ramp clean are the only maintenance tasks required to maintain a reliable, safe wheelchair ramp.

Prompt and Compliant Modular Wheelchair Ramp Installation

EJ Medical Supply offers aluminum wheelchair ramps compliant with local building codes, ADA, and IBC. Not only do we provide compliant wheelchair ramps that boast maximum safety, but we also offer professional installation to ensure unrivaled results that perform to standards for years to come.

Modular Wheelchair Ramps Design Options

Aluminum wheelchair ramps offer two surface choices, expanded and solid metal. While they come in traditional silver, they can be powder-coated to satisfy varying design preferences. Additionally, the layout can be customized to suit your specific height and length requirements for optimal accessibility without compromising appearance.

Anti-Slip Surface Features of Modular Wheelchair Ramps

Aluminum wheelchair ramps are fabricated with the highest level of safety in mind. As such, they feature a specialized anti-slip surface that provides a texture barrier to improve traction while deterring the risk of slips and falls for additional peace of mind and safe use, no matter the weather.

The Advantages of Aluminum Wheelchair Ramps

Aluminum wheelchair ramps are a leading choice as the lightweight nature of aluminum allows for easy handling and transportation, making adjusting or moving your ramp simple and efficient. Furthermore, aluminum is highly resistant and can withstand moisture, UV rays, and other harsh environmental factors, combating corrosion and increasing the longevity of the ramp.

Environmentally Sound Modular Wheelchair Ramps

Aluminum is a recyclable material, allowing you to choose an environmentally sound solution when determining the best accessibility solution for your home. Aluminum wheelchair ramps are sustainable and minimize the demand for raw materials, contributing to a healthier environment while promoting eco-conscious manufacturing practices.

Aluminum Wheelchair Ramp Handrail Selection

EJ Medical Supply offers four different handrail options, made of resilient aluminum to incorporate into your new modular wheelchair ramp, including:

  • Two-line handrails
  • Standard handrails
  • Horizontal picket handrails
  • Vertical picket handrails

Speak with a Modular Wheelchair Ramp Expert Today

If you’re ready to increase the safety and accessibility of your home with a modular wheelchair ramp, look no further than EJ Medical Supply. Contact our friendly team today to speak with one of our experts about aluminum wheelchair ramps for homes.

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