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Residential Stairlifts in Philadelphia, Delaware, South Jersey

The 2023 Ultimate Stairlift Guide

With age comes cognitive and mobility decline, increased risk of illness and injury, and challenges living alone. However, a recent AARP survey discovered that despite these truths, 90% of seniors rather live at home. That’s why E J Stairlifts & Medical Supply provides safe and reliable stairlifts in Philadelphia, Delaware, and South Jersey for individuals looking to uplift the safety and comfort of their homes.

Understanding Residential Stairlifts

A stairlift is a motorized, battery-powered chair mounted onto the rails of a staircase to permit safe and convenient access between different levels of the home. They can also be used in outdoor or commercial settings and are typically used to accommodate those with mobility challenges or those healing from a recent injury.

Residential Stairlift Guide in Philadelphia, Delaware, New Jersey

What Are the Most Common Stairlift Users?

Stair lifts are safety solutions for a diverse array of individuals. However, the two most common groups of people who utilize stairlifts include the following:

  • A person who is still mobile but has challenges with using the stairs
  • A person who is in a wheelchair who needs a safe solution for lateral transfer

Types of Stairlifts

There are many types of residential stairlifts available, including but not limited to the following:

  • Indoor straight stairlifts for standard railings
  • Indoor curved stairlifts for curved railings
  • Outdoor curved or straight stairlifts
  • Manual or power folding rail stairlifts
  • Power folding footrest stairlifts
  • Power swivel seat stairlifts

Stairlift Benefits

A stairlift provides an array of benefits to the user and the loved ones and caregivers who may worry about their relative or friend’s well-being when using the stairs. Stairlifts provide individuals with independence, allowing them to displace in the home comfortably without assistance. They also enhance safety and mitigate the risk of accidents and injuries.

Should I Choose a New, Used, or Rental Stairlift?

When determining whether to choose a new, used, or rental stairlift, it’s important to consider your budget, the warranties available to you, and how you plan on funding your stairlift. Stairlifts begin anywhere from $2,000 to $8,000 and can increase depending on your needs.

New Stairlifts

A new stairlift is best suited for those with a flexible budget and who will need it for a period that spans beyond one year, as it’s a worthy safety investment. Additionally, a new stairlift has a full warranty on all the parts and labor.

Used Stairlifts

If you’re on a tighter budget, but you foresee needing a stairlift for longer than a year, a used stairlift is an excellent option, as you will receive a reliable application. Used stairlifts still have a warranty, though not as robust as new stairlifts, and they are certified, meaning they are clean, safe, equipped with batteries, and ready to use.

Rental Stairlifts

Rental stairlifts can be excellent for those looking for a cost-effective solution for a short-term stairlift need, such as an injury or temporary living arrangement. Rental stairlifts cannot be modified to fit certain rails and do not have warranties, but they can be beneficial for short durations.

How to Choose the Best Stairlift Company

When choosing the best stairlift company, two vital steps must be taken. The first is researching the dealers and brands to understand what each offers, their installation process, warranties available, and the product’s safety. Next, you will want to read plenty of reviews to ensure the dealer or brand in question is reputable and reliable.

Chairlift Service and Maintenance

E J Stairlifts & Medical Supply covers your stairlift’s service and maintenance. Although maintenance is not mandatory, we recommend annual servicing to uphold the function and safety of your stairlift. Furthermore, cleaning the stairlift using a dust rag or multi-surface wipes monthly can aid in eliminating dust and debris to keep it in optimal condition.

What Is the Best Stairlift?

Determining the best stairlift is tricky as there are several factors to consider, including the warranty, durability, safety, coverage, and much more. When we consider all the important features of a good stairlift, we typically recommend Bruno Stairlifts as the best stairlifts for our customers for both curved and straight rails.

Will a Stairlift Work When the Power Goes Out?

A residential stairlift will work during a power outage as they are battery powered. However, it’s important to note that the number of times the stairlift will be able to be used during the power outage will depend on the condition of the lift, the length of the rails, and the level of charge.

Are There Alternatives to Stairlifts?

There are alternatives to stairlifts for those looking for a safe and effective solution that offers convenient access to different levels of the home. Some common stairlift alternatives include residential elevators, wheelchair lifts, and wheelchair ramps.

Let’s Discuss Your Residential Stairlift Needs

If you want to learn more about a residential stairlift for your home, E J Stairlifts & Medical Supply is here to help. For quality stairlifts and renowned customer service, contact our friendly professionals to discuss your residential stairlift needs today.

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