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Elite Indoor Curve CRE-2110 in Philadelphia, PA

Elite Indoor Curve CRE in PA, NJ & DE

Experience the Bruno Stair Lift

With a commitment to accessibility and independence, EJ Medical Supply has been providing industry-leading stair lifts to customers in Philadelphia, PA, New Jersey, and Delaware for over 20 years. With an assortment of high-quality Bruno stairlifts, we’re here to help you discover the best in curved accessibility with the Elite Indoor Curve CRE-2110.

Discover Maximized Accessibility

Your journey towards enhanced mobility in your home begins with EJ Medical Supply. The Elite Indoor Curve CRE-2110 grants you the power to travel up and down your residential stairs with ease and safety. From its advanced features to unrivaled benefits, we’re here to provide you with all you need to know about this incredible accessibility addition.

Custom-Crafted Mobility Solutions

The Elite Indoor Curve CRE-2110 is custom-crafted to the exact specifications of your stairway. As such, these Bruno stair lifts allow convenient accessibility without compromising on style, bringing elegance to your home’s character. The Elite Indoor Curve CRE-2110 is the most secure means of descending and ascending your stairs with safety and comfort.

Indoor Elite Curved Stairlift

The Elite Indoor Curve CRE-2110 is the ultimate indoor mobility addition. It is suitable for stairs with turns, curves, and twists, as it’s manufactured based on the specifications of your home. With innovative technology, the CRE-2110 is crafted to smoothly navigate complex staircase layouts for safe mobility throughout the varying levels of your home.

Indoor Elite Curved Stairlift Features

Bruno stair lifts set the standard for accessibility. The Elite Indoor Curve CRE-2110 includes features such as:

  • Direct drive motor/gearbox – no belts for reduced maintenance
  • Remarkably stable ride from top to bottom
  • Visual diagnostics for instant unit status
  • Two 12-volt batteries continuously powered from any outlet
  • Two wireless remotes
  • Automatic charging system that runs the full length of the track

Outdoor Elite Curved Stairlift

The CRE-2110 is available in an outdoor model as well. For those looking for the same performance and reliability as the indoor elite curved stairlift, the outdoor model is the optimal counterpart. With protective materials that withstand exterior conditions, the outdoor Elite Curved stairlift is the perfect solution for mitigating exterior mobility constraints.

Outdoor Stair Lift Features

With the same comfortable design and features as the indoor model. However, it also includes additional outdoor features, including:

  • Powder-coated finish for steel surface protection
  • Safe for temperatures of 0-125 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Weather-resistant cover
  • 400lb weight capacity

Space-Saving Design

The Elite Indoor Curve CRE-2110 is the epitome of comfort. With its compact, vertical rail design, family members are left with ample space to use the staircase. It is also equipped with a swivel seat, making entry and exit positions at the top landing safe and easy. Furthermore, it comes with a footrest that flips up for additional space-saving capabilities.

Features That Define Excellence

Both the indoor and outdoor Elite Curved stair lifts are standout choices to enhance your home’s accessibility. The benefits of these Bruno chair lifts include:

  • Smooth operation for a quiet, comfortable ride
  • Customized to suit your home’s specifications
  • Advanced safety features
  • Backup battery for continued performance even during power outages
  • User-friendly controls

Custom-Tailored Bruno Stair Lift Options

The CRE-2110 allows for optimal customization. The custom-tailored additions available include:

  • Versatile upholstery colors to suit your home’s style
  • Power swivel seat upgrades for added convenience
  • Power folding footrest
  • Larger footrest
  • Larger seat pad
  • Mid-park and charge station
  • Bottom or top park position

Choose EJ Medical Supply

EJ Medical Supply is your destination for high-quality Bruno stair lifts. As leaders in our field, we’re here to help you discover the most effective solution for your mobility needs. Count on us for hands-on service, customizable solutions, and premium installation that ensures maximum performance, safety, and reliability.

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If you’re ready to accommodate your mobility needs and achieve greater accessibility and independence, look no further than EJ Medical Supply. As a leading provider of high-quality Bruno stair lifts, we’re here to help you discover the best in accessibility additions with the Elite Curve CRE-2110. Contact us today to get started.

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