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SAVARIA Ceiling and Patient Lifts in Philadelphia, South Jersey, and Delaware

Savaria is reconceptualizing the ceiling and patient lift landscape. At EJ Medical Supply, we value quality. As such, we are proud to offer Savaria’s modern line of patient lifting devices. These advanced designs boast benefits for caregivers and patients alike, setting the standard for comfort, ease of use, and reliability.

Savaria Fixed Lift in Philadelphia, PA Waterproof handset by EJ medical supply in South Jersey Savaria patient and ceiling lift in Philadelphia, PA

Facilitating Patient Care

Savaria’s revolutionized line of patient lifting devices is the gold standard in patient lifts. Complete with innovative additions, Savaria patient lifts combine advanced technology and optimized functionality. As a result, patients and caregivers gain the freedom to move around their homes or rehabilitation centers in the smoothest way possible.

Exploring Patient Lifts

Patient lifts can be used in homes, medical facilities, and rehabilitation centers to facilitate safe transportation of a loved one or patient. Patient lifts assist individuals in moving from their bed to another location with dignity, mitigating strain on their caregiver. Due to diverse patient needs, we offer a wide selection of patient lifts.

Gantry Portable Lift System

The gantry portable lift system is both user-friendly and highly effective for a range of healthcare settings. It’s uniquely crafted to enhance mobility with smooth-rolling caster features that enable safe and stable movement. Furthermore, it’s conveniently versatile, allowing it to be used for bed-to-wheelchair transfer, bathroom use, and more.

Gantry Portable Lift System Features

The Gantry Portable Lift system is equipped with advanced features. The leading features include:

  • Simple, sturdy structure with convenient assembly and disassembly in minutes
  • Alternative for areas where ceiling tracks cannot be installed
  • Can be used short-term as it does not call for permanent installation
  • Fully collapsible reacher-bar for easy lift removal and positioning

Fray-resistant strap in Philadelphia by EJ medical supply

Benefits of the Gantry Portable Lift System

For customers looking to achieve a secure and reliable at-home or healthcare facility patient lift, the Gantry Portable Lift System is an excellent choice. The benefits of this patient lifting device include:

  • Versatile application
  • User-friendly controls
  • Enhanced comfort
  • Reduced risk of injury or accident
  • Facilitated repositioning
  • Suitable for short- and long-term use

Savaria FL Fixed Lift

The Savaria FL Fixed Lift is unrivaled in the field of permanent ceiling patient lifts. This ultra-lightweight patient lifting device comes in three weight capacities: 286lbs, 440lbs, and 600lbs. It is equipped with revolutionized features that boast security, safety, and efficiency for greater caretaker capabilities and enhanced patient comfort.

Savaria FL Fixed Lift Features

As an industry-leading patient lifting device, the Savaria FL Fixed Lift includes a wealth of modern features. The features include:

  • Fray-resistant strap designed with channel stitching and protective covering to prevent accidental twisting and to reduce abrasion.
  • Emergency cord to immediately stop the lift
  • Waterproof handset
  • Smart Spreader Bar with gripped handles

Benefits of the Savaria FL Fixed Lift

Smart spreader bar in Philadelphia by EJ medical supply

The Savaria FL Fixed Lift system is known as the most reliable ceiling patient lift solution due to its plentiful list of benefits. Some of the leading benefits include:

  • Space-saving design
  • Quiet operation
  • Secure patient handling capabilities
  • Extended comfort
  • Customizable and versatile

New Lithium Battery

Lithium-ion battery are available in South Jersey

At EJ Medical Supply, we understand the importance of reliability when it comes to patient lifts. Maximum performance is required to ensure safe handling and transfer of your loved one or patients. As such, our advanced patient lifts come equipped with the latest Lithium batteries for 50% more lift cycles per charge than the industry average.

Lithium Battery Features

Our Lithium batteries boast unparalleled Lithium-ion technology, making them the most trusted power supply for patient lifts. The features include:

  • Full charge in only two hours with a daily charge average of just 15 to 30 minutes
  • Projected replacement every five years with regular use
  • No lead acid battery disposal concerns
  • Fast lift speed at maximum lift capacity

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If you’re in search of a premium patient lifting device in Philadelphia, South Jersey, or Delaware, you’ve come to the right place. EJ Medical Supply is here to help you discover the best in patient lifts with our modern line of Savaria products. Contact us today to discuss your ceiling and patient lifts.

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